Our Malas Beads are made from high quality, undyed gemstone beads, natural lava beads, fine sterling silver beads and beautifully handmade, soft synthetic silk tassels in vibrant colours. All beads have an approximate diameter of 6mm. We use a super strong and durable beading thread with a smooth thermally bonded coating to thread our Malas on. All materials used are 100% Vegan and all Malas are handmade with love by Christina. We offer three lengths for our beads, medium and long and extra-long, simply choose your desired length from the drop-down menu. Please note that our Malas do not comply with the traditional, sacred bead count of 108 due to it being too short for most people, If you would like a traditional Mala please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will create one for you. We also accept custom orders, simply contact us to discuss your vision. All gemstone and lava beads used are natural, undyed and unique, therefor they may also vary slightly in size and colour, but don’t worry, we will always do our best to match them as closely as possible.

We offer three lengths, medium, long and extra long for you to choose from. Please note that all measurements are approximate and may vary slightly. All measurements represent the total circumference of the Necklace including the tassel.

Medium: 100 cm / 39.5”

Long: 120 cm / 47”

Extra Long: 136 cm / 53.5”

Our Mala beads are made from high quality materials only, please take good care of them to keep them looking beautiful and magical.

We are solely using genuine sterling silver beads for our Mala necklaces. After a while of contact with the skin and the elements, your silver beads might tarnish slightly, to bring them, back to live and make them sparkle again, simply use a sterling silver polishing cloth or alternative silver cleaners and polish them gently.

Please avoid pulling on your Mala as even the most durable string might not be able to withstand such force. If you decide to wear your beads during your practice, please be mindful that this might increase the risk of ripping them. Please also consider the fact that sweat, and heat may tarnish your silver beads and can cause your handmade tassel to look less neat or fray.

We know that you might consider hanging your Mala up as a room decoration or adding it to your shrine and that’s totally fine. Please keep in mind though that direct sunlight can tarnish silver beads and cause the durable string to become brittle over time. We would suggest choosing a place without direct sunlight or keeping your Mala nicely stored in its beautiful box to protect it, this way you can avoid unnecessary tangling too.