Hi, we are Christina and Decio, together we are Tales of Wolves.
After over a decade of living in London we decided to leave the concrete jungle behind us.
We packed up our van and hit the road towards Lisbon, Portugal in search for the sun, the ocean and a more sustainable lifestyle.
Tales of Wolves is a small, independent, vegan and eco conscious company that reflects our way of life and the way we see the world.
Inspired by magic, mythology, art and nature we love creating unique statement pieces that turn heads and make you feel magical.
Our unique designs are an ode to you and the beauty of our planet, discovering the mysteries and inspirations that lie within.
We truly believe that each one of us is responsible for conserving this incredible earth of ours and our company guidelines reflect just that.
Our jewellery is made from ethically sourced, vegan and cruelty free materials, our packaging is hundred percent recycled and we are always working on finding suppliers close to us in order to avoid excessive shipping when sourcing our materials. We are constantly working on reducing our impact on the planet even more and will continue to do so.
Everything we create is made with love and care and we truly value each and every one of our customers.
We believe in love, karma and magic, the healing power of crystals and that everything is possible.
Christina and Decio